Flow Inducer

This inventory upgrade helps you induce a flow state for any project or task you are working on. Just follow the activation process below, and you will find yourself effortlessly flowing with creative and productive energy. This process is so powerful it augments the very fabric of time and space, opening a new timeline of effortless completion. 


Often we hold resistance or a feeling of weight around projects and tasks that need to be completed. They feel heavy and like a burden. Because of this, we easily procrastinate on what we know needs to be done, or feel paralyzed because we’re not sure how it will come to fruition. By observing these feelings, we put them into light so they may be discarded.

The first step in inducing flow is to observe your thoughts and feelings around the project or task.


Next these thoughts and feelings must be cleared. Allow yourself to feel these thoughts and feelings, then let them go. Set them free. Notice, as you let them go, the sense of heaviness and resistance also dissolves. You feel a little more calm, a little more free.

Now let’s go deeper, let’s pierce the fabric of time and space. Observe the thought, “I must complete this task/project.” Notice, it carries a feeling of time and effort—where there is time, there is always effort. Notice, there is also a sense of space, a sense of some movement needing to happen. As you observe this, let it go, allow the “I must complete this” thought and feeling to dissolve from your awareness.

In the timeless feeling of pure awareness/potential that remains, just quietly be. If any thoughts or feelings about this project or task arise, let them go just as you did before. Really focus on the observation that without the sense of “I need to do,” the sense of time and space hardly exist.

Think back to a time when you felt total flow while doing a project or task. Remember how it felt—your mind was clear, there was little to no sense of time, and your body just seemed to move as creativity flowed through you. This is the feeling we are inducing.

After spending a few moments suspended in this feeling, move on. Flow has been activated.

3. ACT

Now that you have induced the state of flow, begin to take action on your project or task. Maintain the no-mind feeling of being without the thought or feeling of “I need to do.” This is the space from which creativity and productivity flow, totally unrestricted. Notice—you only feel stuck, you only feel effort, when your mind becomes active again. Simply let your thoughts go as they arise and allow your body to move however it feels inspired in order to complete the task.