Frequently asked questions

Read this page for answers to FAQs about the Reality Hacker OS journal or companion products. If you don’t see your question answered, please let us know! We are here to help you succeed.

Where do I get started?

If you’ve received your journal and are unsure of where to get started, your best bet is to sign up for the Reality Hacker OS training course. This will walk you through everything you need to know. 

For quick access, there is a QR code at the bottom right of page 2 of the journal—scan that with your phone’s camera and it will take you to your Player’s Dashboard, where all relevant links are hosted. Your Player Dashboard is your all-in-one place for resources and links.

 Also be sure to join our Player Community, where our team and other players are standing by to help. 

What are the purpose of points?

In Reality Hacker OS you earn points for your journaling and Questing. Points are designed to help you see quantifiable results in your daily manifesting practice, and to provide incentive to continue forward. More than anything, points are intended to help keep you motivated and consistent in your manifesting.

Points also have value in the Reality Hacker OS Multiverse. Points unlock different ranks (see the rank section near the end of your journal), and if you submit your rank on this page you will receive special bonuses and rank-exclusive gear.

For a full explanation of the points system, check out the Reality Hacker OS training course.

I'm stuck creating my character. Help!

Creating your character is intended as an exercise to dream up and design your “future self”—that is, the ideal life you desire to manifest. The Character Profile page in your journal features questions and categories designed to help you look at different aspects of your life and imagine how you want to live them. By gaining clarity around every aspect of your dream life, those details are able to begin materializing. Have fun, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself—this is your opportunity to imagine the life you want to live!

 Once you have your Character Profile filled out, you can then practice “feeling” yourself into this character every day. By playing your life while imagining yourself to be this “future self” character, you embody the feeling and vibration that will manifest it. This is a super powerful practice!

I can't seem to stay consistent

Consistency is a common obstacle to success, and chances are it’s also a reason why you decided to purchase the journal in the first place.

We’ve designed several features in the Reality Hacker OS journal to help with consistency—a points system, streaks, ranks and rewards, and more. For a full breakdown of all journal features, be sure to check out the training course.

It’s also important to understand that consistency issues often stem from deep stories and blockages. These stories tend to be around fear of failure, fear of success, overwhelm, feeling “not enough,” not deserving what you want, or similar. It’s different for everyone, so to really get to the bottom of why consistency is a challenge for you, we’d recommend our Block Diagnosis.

I feel overwhelmed!

That’s ok! It’s important to understand that the journal framework is intended to be adaptable to what works best for you. In our training course we have presented every detail to give you a full overview of everything that is possible—however, if you feel like a certain feature doesn’t work for you, or feel like it might be better if used another way, go for it! There are no hard or fast rules to using the journal, besides consistency. You will figure out what works best for you. There is no “right” or “wrong” way. Just do what feels right each day and you will discover your flow.

What should I do for Quests that take longer than a day?

This is a great question! You can either repeat the Quest, or if you feel “it is done” just move on and focus on other Quests. Sometimes putting your focus elsewhere allows the “bigger things” to manifest because you’re not so focused on it.

If you continue to play a Quest and don’t see any movement in your desired manifestation, we would recommend our Block Diagnosis—it’s likely you have a blockage that is secretly holding you back.


I'm struggling with rewards and/or punishments

Stuck on which rewards or punishments to use? Or just don’t feel inspired to use rewards and punishments at all?

Rewards and punishments are aspects of the Reality Hacker OS framework, but you don’t necessarily have to use them. Just like everything in the journal, we have designed it to give you a framework to begin with, which you can then adapt to whatever works best for you.

Some players have expressed that they don’t know what rewards to use because they tend to give themselves what they desires, so delayed gratification isn’t necessarily effective. Our recommendation would be this:

A reward doesn’t necessarily have to be something you hold out on. It can be simply something you enjoy. By celebrating yourself and your consistency, you wire in the state of success. And as you know, the more you feel success, the more the universe will reflect it.

I'm using the journal, but I find myself getting stuck with looking for signs that my manifestation is happening

Looking for signs is one of the most common obstacles for manifesting. Our advise is this—if you’re looking for signs or waiting for the manifestation to happen, then you’re not allowing things to “happen on their own.” Allowing your desires to happen on their own is a core principle of the Reality Hacker OS framework, because it enables you to approach your manifesting from a place of least resistance. For more information on this, check out our training course.

Why isn't my desire manifesting?

All desire contains within itself its own plan of manifestation. When a desire occurs to you, it’s a sign that its expression (manifestation) is already underway. Ultimately, the only reason any desire doesn’t manifest is that we block it.

Blockages come in many shapes and sizes. They stem from inner stories that relate back to past experience. To truly unblock your manifesting, it’s critical to address the underlying blockages that are holding you back.

This is why we created our Block Diagnosis as the perfect companion to the Reality Hacker OS journal. Our unique process laser-targets what is holding you back from achieving your personal desires, and delivers to you a custom plan for eliminating them. With your blockages out of the way, anything you desire is within reach.

What is the Upgrade Store?

We designed the Reality Hacker OS journal to be endlessly expandable and fun. The Upgrade Store is where we feature upgrades for new manifesting Quests, tools, processes and more.

We are constantly adding to the store, so check back often to see what new and exciting additions we have added.

Do you offer anything to dive deeper into this material?

Yes! For anyone looking to dive deeper into the law of attraction, consciousness, self-realization and more, we recommend our premier program the I Am Experience. This is a 45-day experience that is truly one of a kind, and will leave you permanently transformed (it’s our guarantee). Just ask those in our Player Community who have already taken it, and they will tell you to join immediately. We can’t wait to take the next step with you!